The Challenge:

So you get asked to be on a national panel. You do your best to minimize foot-in-mouth syndrome. And you hope someone walks off feeling there’s hope for our health care system – IF we make some big moves. You go home, and then people on the panel start challenging you on twitter to give your top three takeaways. This was @TheHealthSummit, or as Jonathan Bush called it, the new “wine mixer” of health care conferences. Okay, @Jonathan_Bush (his twitter handle). Here you go.

  1. Innovation is not just a 10 letter word.” There is a huge difference between putting innovation on your mission statement and living it.  I had the pleasure of being on a panel with two leaders that have done just that: Steve Corwin from Columbia-NY Presbyterian and  Ruth Brinkley from Kentucky One. In different ways they are not just talking innovation, they are making it happen … leading to better care at a lower cost and some cool new initiatives.
  1. When a tsunami is coming, its not time to argue about plot lines.” All too often in  healthcare, we are satisfied with incremental change in a sea of massive external disruption.  That includes payer-provider relations, opportunities to move vendor-vendee relationships to creative partnerships, and coopetition relationships with other providers.
  1. Internet dating is not the only platform resulting in surprising great relationships.” I had an awesome opportunity to moderate a panel with Gary Loveman from Aetna and Doug Beck from Apple about their innovative partnership, bringing health home with Apple technology and Aetna analytics resulting in a better patient experience, lower cost and greater access to data.

Bottom line: Incremental change will not work. Our job is transformation, and it can be done.


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