Can U.S. healthcare be fixed?

Can U.S. healthcare be fixed?

Can healthcare in the United States be fixed?

Written by: Mark Reccek
Originally posted June 10, 2016

That’s the question Dr. Steve Klasko, president and chief executive officer of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health in Philadelphia, addressed Thursday at the 30th anniversary celebration of the Maimonides Society at the Jewish Community Center of the Lehigh Valley.

Klasko, who also holds an MBA, discussed his recently released book “We CAN Fix Healthcare: The Future is Now.” The book is based on 100 interviews from various segments of the healthcare system.

The premise of the book, which takes place in 2026, is President Barack Obama calls all the healthcare stakeholders into a room and asks them to arrive at a solution to repair problems associated with healthcare, Klasko said.

“We do what we do best, we blame everyone else,” he said.

Shortly after, there is a blackout and the individuals wake up three days later and look in the mirror.

In 39 years of healthcare, Klasko argued, nothing has changed.

“I think it’s clear we’re not going to go though another 39 years without monumental change,” he said.

The book delves into 12 disruptors of the demise of the old healthcare system. Such disruptors can become solutions to solving healthcare in America.

“We are going to need some real disruptions,” Klasko said.