Redesign the patient experience

Redesign the patient experience

Mayo Clinic, Thomas Jefferson transform telehealth and virtual care to redesign the patient experience

HCA and OhioHealth are also among the first movers overhauling initiatives from technology-led to clinically-focused programs and already reaping early results.

Originally posted: July 26, 2016
Author: Larry McClain

Stephen Klasko, MD has shaken things up in his three-year tenure as CEO of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

That includes consolidating three organizations into one and injecting a more entrepreneurial spirit to the academic medical – and that has required bringing doctors up to speed on telehealth and virtual care technologies.

“We now require physicians to be telehealth-trained and to do at least one telehealth session per month in order to receive incentives,” Klasko explained. “Doctors need to be involved in redesigning the human experience, like providing mammogram results in just minutes instead of making a woman wait anxiously for four days.”

Thomas Jefferson is among the vanguard of hospital systems re-engineering telehealth and virtual care platforms to improve the patient experience. The Mayo Clinic, Ohio Health, and Hospital Corporation of America are also undertaking similar turn-around initiatives.

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