Steve Klasko’s 12 disruptors

Steve Klasko’s 12 disruptors

Using science fiction to fix healthcare: Dr. Stephen Klasko’s 12 disruptors

Written by Max Green
Original posting: June 07, 2016

Stephen Klasko, MD, president and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, first wrote a book about a medical student who was abducted by aliens. But it was the premise for his second book that seemed even more unlikely to his publisher.

Why does the premise of We Can Fix Healthcare Now seem less likely than extraterrestrial intervention in med school? Because it outlines a hypothetical bipartisan collaborative push to mend the healthcare industry under reality-bending circumstances.

“In fact, the original title of the book was going to be I Messed Up Healthcare: Put Your Name Here,” Dr. Klasko says.

One of the things that precludes stakeholders from having frank discussions about problems with healthcare in America is individuals have a very hard time admitting fault, Dr. Klasko says. But by using a science fiction-type framework and what he calls a history of the future model, Dr. Klasko says he was able to take a hard look at the core issues plaguing healthcare as it stands today, and propose solutions to move past them.

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