Who’s Who in Health Care

Who’s Who in Health Care

Source: Philly Biz
Author: Michelle Boyles
June 2016 Issue

President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, Dr. Stephen Klasko, has been named as a notable name in health care in Philadelphia.

“Klasko is bridging the art and science of medicine and health care transformation. He has championed transformation of American health care as university president, dean of two medical colleges and CEO of three academic health centers.

Since 2014, Jefferson Health has grown from a three hospital urban academic medical center with annual revenues of $1.8 billion to a major regional academic medical center.”

What’s the most significant change to the industry you’ve seen in the course of your career?
The loss of fun and collegiality that had previously existed across practices, medical centers and hospitals. … We have become more competitive and fragmented at a time where Philadelphia and other communities would be well served to create a more team-based approach across health care entities to disrupt health care.