Dr. Stephen Klasko was listed as one of the 10 CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America by Forbes.com.

Robert Reiss: How is your organization transforming healthcare in America today, and how will your company drive healthcare transformation in the future?

Dr. Stephen Klasko: Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health are leading the revolution for “real people” in two industries often caught in old traditions – healthcare and higher education. Its president takes a no-limits approach to transformation as a mission, from re-imagining health care wherever you are, to training for a dramatically new future of work. Since 2013, Jefferson has grown from $1.8 billion in revenue to more than $5 billion, and from three hospitals to 13. It recently merged with Philadelphia University, one of the nation’s top design universities. This merger has become a creative partnership for human design, from fashion to architecture to industrial design to re-imagining public health.

Jefferson’s focus on the future of work has led to curriculum redesign to prepare professionals for deep learning, artificial intelligence, and the robot in the room. Healthcare is going through a once in a lifetime change from a hospital company to a consumer health entity.

Read article on forbes.com by Robert Reiss originally posted on January 29, 2018.