The following is an excerpt from with Dr. Steve Klasko as one of the 5 leading experts on healthcare:

Stephen K. Klasko
President and CEO, Jefferson Health and Thomas Jefferson University

The announcement is a landmark event because it means that the most innovative employers do not believe that most of us see the burning platform. These companies cannot accept that the only thing in their employees’ lives which is stuck in the 1990’s is healthcare.

At a time when Amazon has the technology to give same day delivery or have a totally automated grocery store, real people are not content with our lame explanations around transparency, inequities and even sending one believable and understandable bill.

For 5 years, I have been saying that our industry must change from being hospital companies, to becoming consumer healthcare entities where the patient is the boss.

Read article on by Fabiola Cineas originally posted on January 31, 2018.