Einstein, Jobs and Yoda

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Einstein, Jobs and Yoda

Dr. Stephen Klasko: Where Einstein, Jobs and Yoda Join Strategy Sessions

1. Then and now

My office is on the first floor of the Old Federal Reserve Bank Building in Center City, Philadelphia. While the building has a lot of marble and dark wood and is steeped in tradition, my office is modern. I like to think the contrast reflects the need to look backward from the future to manage the present more creatively.

I had a modern glass desk specially built to reflect my entrepreneurial approach. But it also pays respect to the history of the institution with classic corner supports.

2. A nod to visionaries

Part of our mission statement says we’re reimagining health care. Two favorite items in my office are a painting of Albert Einstein and a photo of Steve Jobs, both of whom are reimaginers. I admire people who can look 10 years ahead and see what we should have done now.

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